Books and many more books at Saturday flea market

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Books and many more books at Saturday flea market

Post by methowmagpie » Fri Jun 14, 2024 5:27 pm

Just discovered my posting yesterday requires a sign in, sorry not my intention

Hundreds of natural history books at 6/15 flea market. Places, animals, plants, come fill your bags and boxes please. In addition other things for sale too

Almquist pottery
Some clothes including London Fog dress coat with liner and scarf and heavy handknitted sweater with beautiful horse head on back
Large African batik wall hangings
Lots of older toys and stuffed animals
A few tools including large bow saw, metal wedges and a peeve
Roll of hard rubber material
International stuff - bags, decorations
variety of large wooden boxes
And much more

So much stuff! Finished emptying my storage unit finally.
All of books except one and most other things are my usual “pay me what it’s worth to you”
A few priced items
Please come and help me celebrate being storage unit free!

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