Methownet BB - Terms of use

As host of the bulletin board the staff has the right to remove posts. Here are some of the reasons we might do so:
1) posts with language or images of a slanderous, libelous, mean or rude nature
2) spammers
3) bumping your post to the top
4) posts which are commercial in nature
5) firearms sales - Washington State law requires that private sales and transfers of firearms (those that do not involve a federally licensed dealer as a party to the transaction) be completed through a licensed dealer.
6) political posts*

Users may be banned for:
1) trolling
2) repeated rules violations
3) mean behavior
4) other stuff

Post in your own words and keep it civil.

*We encourage political debate to take place in the cafes, events, on the streets or over the fence – all in person – rather than online where it contributes to animosity and breakdown of trust. Alternatively, the editorial page of the Methow Valley News is also a thoughtful channel for civil discourse and an effective way to bring attention to important topics facing our community.

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