add a portable building for the winter. it is not too late.

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add a portable building for the winter. it is not too late.

Post by alfrandell » Thu Nov 24, 2022 9:33 am

i am selling portable buildings that are finished inside and insulated and wired.
Several of them have a full solar roof and the necessary equipment to provide juice to the building itself, and for other uses.

IE: i used the smallest powered building, a chicken house, to pump water when the sun came up. So, for 3 years, the 3 panels that comprise the roof of the building sent 24 volts downhole to a 24 volt well pump. It was a gentle flow, but more than enough to fill my 400 gallon tank many times per day. no batteries or equipment was used. just the 3 solar panels and a wire and a pipe. Control was supplied by the sun. water when the sun is up. no water at night.

another example: the one 8 by 8 foot building that I sold was first moved to a property where the grid power was burned away along with the buildings. It served as the only really dry place on the property, and provided limited power for rebuilding. The tiny building was then moved to a new property where the grid power had not been installed yet. There, it again provided the only power so that the owner could plug a 5th wheel into it and use power tools and lights. That property has grid power now, but the owner was influenced by owning and using solar energy equipment. They opted for a grid intertie system right from the start. It is unlikely that they will ever pay more than the monthly base fee. I purchased more panels along with the owner, and will help them to set up the grid intertie system. The powered outbuilding is still important, as it will provide power far from the grid location, and will do so during black outs. The owner was interested in moving the building themself, so i helped them to build the right sort of flat bed trailer to move it as if it were a large slide in camper.

There is not too much snow to move a building now. it takes a back hoe, and a few hundred dollars to get the whole show rolling. Text me if you would like to ski or drive up and see the remaining structures that are for sale. They cost a lot more than a travel trailer, because they use large, expensive windows and doors, have thick insulation just like a fixed house, and are wired to house standards rather that RV standards. The solar equipment is top of the line, with LG panels, Trace inverters, outback charge control, NPP sealed batteries, etc. These buildings stand on legs, but you can also purchase a trailer from me if you wish to move it around yourself.
Text or write to arrange a time to see the buildings. A visit without your text AND my reply is a burglary attempt, so please arrange a visit using your phone or computer. I suggest skiing in to get the full effect.
Alf Randell
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