FS: Cell phone signal booster system 4G LTE

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FS: Cell phone signal booster system 4G LTE

Post by Court » Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:41 pm

For sale: All-carriers 5 band 4G cell power booster system with interior antenna kit, exterior directional antenna & mount, 50ft ultra low loss exterior cable, misc connectors. Each band has adjustable signal boost options, up to the maximum legal power boost. Works for 5G as well.

This system worked well to improve and stabilize my mobile data connection, increasing the mbps speed and the connection reliability, in an area on the very edge of cellular coverage. Moved, no longer need.

$400 for complete system. Other antennas could be available separately if needed.

Can also share my knowledge along with the system, for signal survey, placement, and directional aiming to get the best signal from the cell tower that you need.

contact: 509 - 4 tweny nine, 88O3

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