Rule Changes

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Rule Changes

Post by Methownet » Mon Dec 20, 2021 4:31 pm

In an effort to keep this bulletin board civil and of positive benefit, we are changing our stance regarding some posting.
A decade of experience hosting a community forum has taught us political discussions are best when the parties are present. With the advent of the Internet, more and more of our discourse has shifted from the cafe, public square, hometown event, and over the fence – all in person – to online text contributing to animosity locally and nationwide. The pandemic hasn’t helped - keeping us from events and public hot spots - where we could build and maintain trust with our neighbors.

Over the years the BB evolved from a completely open forum to what we have today. At first anyone could post anything. We then required names on posts that discussed issues. In response to the increasing number of trolls (at peak, over 100 attempts a day from Russian addresses alone) we required a call to the office to register. We then added rules to encourage civility. Though a majority of folks followed the rules, a few pushed buttons and the discussions all too often devolved into jabs, misinformation, and anger. We now feel it is best to keep the political discussions at the cafes, on the sidewalks, over the fences and off the BB. Some feel a BB where community members buy and sell, find lost dogs, thank others for a kindness is boring. We, however, see in such transactions a potential opportunity to build trust and cooperation within our community.


As host of the bulletin board the staff has the right to remove posts. Here are some of the reasons we might do so:
1) posts with language or images of a slanderous, libelous, mean or rude nature,
2) spammers
3) bumping your post to the top
4) posts which are commercial in nature
5) firearms sales Washington State law requires that private sales and transfers of firearms (those that do not involve a federally licensed dealer as a party to the transaction) be completed through a licensed dealer.
6) Political posts

Users may be banned for:
1) trolling
2) repeated rules violations
3) mean behavior
4) other stuff

Post in your own words and keep it civil.

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